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EDC or "Every Day Carry"


What do you carry?


Most people carry any number of items on their person every day. They may not even really think about it as they are loading their pockets or their purses. Items like keys, wallet, pen, cell phone, gum, and any number of other things.


However, most of the people I have talked to about their EDC, don't really consider carrying the things they might need in the event of even a simple and short-term emergency.


Here is my list that I carry every single day:

Here is my list of the minimum I carry in my backpack:

  • Spare battery ( that may be used to charge any USB charged device - with standard cables
  • IFAK (Individual First-Aid Kit)
  • Spare $20 in cash
  • Emergency protein bar (that will not melt)
  • OTC medications for headaches, allergic reactions, stomach, etc.
  • Lighter (instant fire/heat)
  • Compass (
  • 110V (AC) and Car (12V) USB chargers


The above lists are by no means exhaustive or comprehensive for me. I do tend to be overly-prepared at times :-) But, some people simply cannot carry this much with them daily. However, can you store these somewhere so that you can get to them if necessary? Do you have a Bug-Out Bag? Can you keep some items in there? Can you keep them in your vehicle?


These are just some things to think about.


Until next time,