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How to Prepare for Class


What to bring to the classroom

1)    Pencil/paper

2)    Notepad

3)     A willingness and enthusiasm to learn!



What to bring to the range

1)    Eye protection required (safety glasses – either clear, yellow, or shaded) - Recommended link:

2)    Ear Protection required (either ear plugs or ear muffs rated to at least 22dB) - Recommended link:

3)    Your choice of a safe Firearm

  1. Holster for your firearm (the trigger guard must be wholly covered)
  2. Appropriate ammunition for your firearm
  3. Magazines for your firearm (we recommend bringing at least three)

4)    Targets - provided for our students


Links to resources online and other useful links

1) - Source for high quality informational videos/DVD's for a variety of situations

2) - Add this site to your bookmarks and visit it daily



Other Recommended Professional Training Schools

1) - This is one we highly recommend. Reid Heinrichs is very knowledgeable and is a great instructor.

2) - Local gun range and place to train. Tanner Cardwell is very knowledgeable & experienced.



Legal Protection and Legal Information

1) - insurance for the firearm carrier


3) - maintains relatively accurate information for changes to state law & carrying across state lines

4) - The National Rifle Association fights and lobbies for gun rights and the 2nd Amendment. If you care about the 2nd Amendment, you should be a member of the NRA. While I do not necessarily agree with their marketing tactics, they work very hard for the protection of rights.



Tennessee Law & Handgun Carry Permit information

1) or

2) and go to section 39-17-13

3) - HCP application and general information



Where to purchase ammo online

1) - Their reman's are excellent quality and are relatively inexpensive



4) - a good resource to find the best deals on specific ammo


6) - This worldwide distribution company is actually located in Knoxville



Where to purchase guns online (they will & must be shipped to a local FFL)

1) - new firearms only as well as a great resource for parts and ammo

2) - new and used firearms and a variety of other firearm accessories. Try using the Advanced Search and find deals in Tennessee. I have had good luck with this website on many items.

3) - a good resource to find used firearms and accessories. You can narrow your search down to Knoxville, TN